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Agendas of the reformed conservative.

The reformed conservative biggest agenda has been in the education sector. The main challenge has been the unions that has the interest of the teachers and not that of the students. Unions were formally established to provide employees safety against unruly and biased employers. Mostly teachers will strike due to the low pay and conservatives will oppose this. Teachers should understand that they should get their wages on the output and not just because their union demands their rights to be paid. Conservative argues that abolishing these union will promote better education standards as teachers will work hard for the benefit of the students.
An additional aim for the reformed conservatives will be the tax reform. Family has always been the backbone of the society. The conservatives want to protect the working moms and dads as they are double taxed which is not fair. They are taxed twice, and the conservatives idea to curbing this is by expanding the child tax credit. Chances of double tax for the parents will be eliminated.

It’s crucial for the conservative to see to it that the infrastructural reforms are put to place. Maintaining of the transport infrastructure has not been followed keenly by the government. The reformed conservatives want a good transport act enacted so as to curb any discrepancies arising.
For equal opportunities in the workforce the reformed conservatives want some amendments made to achieve these. They believe that citizens should have the freedom to join unions or not to join. Every individual in the workforce is demanded to be in a union by the current constitution. The reformed conservatives want more time to be created so that working families get the chance to spend time with their families . They would like laws enacted to help especially those in the private sector strike a balance of work and life.

Another important reform is the justice reforms. Some punishments passed to criminal are very severe as such the conservatives want some more humane ways of sentencing adopted. In doing so there are chances are transforming first time criminals to better individuals through increasing counseling since the quality of the prisons is improved.

The conservative are also for the idea of having the choice in the healthcare system that fits one needs. Employees should have ownership and also manage their insurance policies.

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