Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Patios? This May Help

Background Information about Patios and Decks

We may have or do not have a deck or a patio or both with our house, and if ever we do we sometimes do not put much attention to this space and thus not fully enjoyed its purpose.

Patios and decks are areas that can serve as an outdoor recreation space in our backyard, and we just have to choose which one we would like to construct for our purpose, if not having them both. Actually both patios and decks can be utilized for the same purposes, but the only difference is the material that will be used.

With floorings made from stones or concrete, the patio is the area that essentially would need less maintenance only. A deck on the other hand, is like that of a boat deck, where it is made of wooden platforms that are elevated from the ground by a few inches or feet, and the design would depend on the preference of the owners and the terrain of the yard.

In the past, decks were basically a small rectangular space where a chair or two and a pot plant were placed. Nowadays though, decks and patios have been elevated to a more functional areas where it becomes an extra room to a house where families can hold activities, enjoy and entertain visitors. You can have these areas now rain proof, add lighting and outdoor heating, a water feature, facilities for cooking, and complete it with comfortable seating and dining furniture.

If you are planning to design a deck or a patio, it is better that you have already your lifestyle in mind. If there is an addition of a patio or a deck in a house, it is observed to put additional value to the house more than any other house improvement done. The return in investing for a patio or a deck could lead to an increase of up to 90%, even if the size is only a medium one according to real estate people.
The designs for the decks nowadays are trending to be almost as the large as the home itself with its floor size, can have multi-levels, walls and pergola, that offer privacy and extra storage and seating. When you build a deck, you will cut down your mowing activity too since you used up the space for your deck or patio.

Children can also let off their steam on the deck as this is a good place for them to play. These areas are undeniably good for that extra space that will add value to your property, plus the enjoyment that you and your family gets when using it.

Another matter to bear in mind if you plan to have a patio or a deck is to decide where it will be, such as will it be a free standing structure or an addition to your house.

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