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A Few Facts To Note Regarding Adult Bedwetting

Besides being a very distressing condition, bedwetting in adults is also a symptom of an underlying medical problem. In case you are an adult that frequently wets the bed, it is a wise idea that you discuss the symptoms with your primary caregiver to know the cause of the issue. Those who have this condition should not be ashamed. Accepting that your body is not working optimally is the first phase of getting efficient treatment – there are authentic and effective modes of treatment available. Simply put, it is possible for you to have that good night sleep without wetting your beddings.

You should note that bedwetting in the adults is not the same as that of children. Even though this will not remove the embarrassment, you must note that nocturnal enuresis is an involuntary act and not the fault of the person. So that you can fully comprehend how and why you are suffering from this condition, you must go back to the basics of human anatomy.

There are specific reasons behind adults suffering nocturnal enuresis. Similar to most other medical conditions, this one is also linked to the family history. This disease will also be caused by the antidiuretic hormone (ADH). The principal function of antidiuretic hormone is to signal the kidneys to produce fewer amounts of urine. Instinctively, the body should produce more ADH to guard it against nocturnal enuresis. There are those people who will not produce enough ADH at night that will lead to overproduction of urine.

In other cases, your body may release ADH but your kidneys will not react and will keep producing the usual amounts of urine. This extra urine production while sleeping is known as nocturnal polyuria. This is an abnormality that can lead to nocturnal enuresis in adults but can also be a sign of type I diabetes. This condition is not something to joke with, and a person suffering from it should waste no time but consult their caregiver.

Certain types of medication have also been linked to increasing bedwetting among adults. Side effects of psychiatric and insomnia medicines, as well as hypnotics, will cause this disorder. Before taking any new medications, ask your doctor about their side effects. In most cases, research states that secondary nocturnal enuresis is as a result of underlying health issues. Such issues are associated with the pelvic organ prolapse in the women and the prostate in the men. Certain medical conditions will cause bedwetting in adults like prostate enlargement, urinary tract stones, bladder cancer, obstructive sleep apnea, prostate cancer, and diabetes.

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