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Mindfulness in our Lives

Mindfulness is a habit you develop to make yourself comfortable in challenging times and retain your inner peace. It has helped those who were suffering due to disease to feel much better about it. It later found application as a way of handling the daily life challenges we face. Its use is now in more areas than before. Mindfulness us the state in which you are aware of what is happening presently, without imposing your opinion of it.

This is how you get to handle whatever is happening in the most rational manner. You do not allow yourself to wallow in pain and pity, or to make comparisons to better times, which is usually what triggers most of the pain. Comparison shall make you seem less than others. The rejection we feel then becomes the thing that frustrates, causes us our peace and pain sets in. This also allows you to think of the situation better, and to find a way out. Acceptance is, therefore, the first step to finding a solution to any situation. Action from any other platform rarely yields the desired results.

When facing a challenging situation, focusing on the negatives hardly ever yields anything positive. You should, however, find yourself in a worse off state. The cycle can keep going on till you can no longer help it. The way we think matters a lot to the way we live. What you choose to focus on in every situation determines what direction your life shall take from that point.

To help you overcome any adversity, it is best to focus on all efforts to get better. This is accelerated by the positive and kind thoughts you have. You can even go out of your mind and think of positives form other areas. A way to do so is to think of your loved ones and how grateful you are they are in your life. There shall be a reaction in your body that shall introduce healing properties into it. Being mindful of the type and quality of your thoughts is the process through which you shall get to reach that higher level. A your mind gets filled with positive thoughts, they trigger the release of dopamine and oxytocin. This shall then calm the body, and allow it to heal.

Once you have studied mindfulness, you shall develop the right mindset and tricks to bring your mind to a place of calm and focus. There are certain tools such as chants you can learn to use, to manage the desired state.
Once you accept a situation, it becomes easier to find ways of coping with what has happened in it. Positivity always leads to more positivity, and supports all positive efforts at getting better.

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